“You Are Not the Person I Married:" Part II

In my last couples therapy blog, I started exploring a common lament that I hear couples make in my office. And that is when one partner turns to the other and says, “You are not the person I married.”

As I explained last time, the realization that your partner is “not the person you married” can be very painful for both partners. But it can also be a critical turning point in your relationship. 

It turns out that the statement “You are not the person I married” is grounded in some myths about what it means to be in intimate relationship. In this blog, I am going to talk about the second of these myths. 

Matter Over Mind: Getting to the Root of Trauma

Over the past ten years, I’ve worked with thousands of people suffering from trauma and a question that I am constantly asked is, “I know I’m not in danger anymore, so why doesn’t my body believe me?” 

You may be wondering why it is so hard for your body to let go of painful experiences, even though they are no longer happening. After all, the past is the past, right? So why are you still sweating, shaking and getting a dry mouth every time you are reminded of the scary and dangerous things that happened to you?

Understanding the Stages of Adjusting to Chronic Illness

How people adapt to chronic illness depends on a wide variety of factors. Everyone is different and everyone’s situation is unique. Your personal experiences, your responsibilities, as well as the resources, coping strategies, and support you have in your life all play a role in determining how you adapt to being chronically ill. 

Overcoming the Stigma of Chronic Illness

When I see clients in my psychotherapy practice who struggle with chronic illness, I’ve found there is one common mistake that they make when thinking about their situation: they tend to compare themselves to other people. Although it is a natural human tendency to compare oneself to others, this can create a great deal of unnecessary pain and suffering.

How to Build a Lasting Relationship with Your Partner: Part II

The couples who come to my office for couples therapy are constantly wondering, “What is the secret to creating a lasting relationship?”

The answer is learning to create a relationship that’s based on mutuality. So today, in Part II of How to Build a Lasting Relationship with Your Partner, I’ll be teaching you more about this important principle so you can put it to work for you in your relationship.