Chronic Illness

What’s Your Coping Style? Strategies for Dealing with a Health Condition

I’ve seen hundreds of clients with chronic health conditions in my office and one of the most common questions they asked is, “How am I going to cope?”

Coping is a concept that all human beings can relate to. When we are under stress of any kind, we are looking for relief. We all want to be able to effectively reduce anxiety and restore equilibrium.

Understanding the Stages of Adjusting to Chronic Illness

How people adapt to chronic illness depends on a wide variety of factors. Everyone is different and everyone’s situation is unique. Your personal experiences, your responsibilities, as well as the resources, coping strategies, and support you have in your life all play a role in determining how you adapt to being chronically ill. 

Overcoming the Stigma of Chronic Illness

When I see clients in my psychotherapy practice who struggle with chronic illness, I’ve found there is one common mistake that they make when thinking about their situation: they tend to compare themselves to other people. Although it is a natural human tendency to compare oneself to others, this can create a great deal of unnecessary pain and suffering.