Do You Often Feel Overwhelmed in Ordinary Life Situations?

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Have you lived through or witnessed a terrifying event that has left you feeling frozen, anxious or shut-down?

Have you been the victim of sexual violence, a major health crisis or a time when you thought your life or the life of someone you loved was at stake?

You may find yourself being woken up by nightmares, terrified and unable to calm down.

Do you suddenly feel flooded with anxiety, upset or numb in ordinary social situations?

Does your life seem relatively okay on the outside, but inside you suffer from anxiety and feelings of worthlessness?

You may find yourself caught up in one painful relationship after another and can’t seem to get past the chaos and conflict with your partner.

Maybe you struggle to relax or accept the good things in life because you fear something awful is just around the corner.

If any of these sound like you, then you may be suffering from trauma.

What Is Trauma?

Trauma happens when you experience a scary or dangerous event that overwhelms your nervous system. In the aftermath of such an event, if you were unable to get the support you needed, you can develop Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This means that the trauma has become stuck in your body, mind and emotions, causing many distressing symptoms. These can include everything from intense fear, anger or “numbing out”, to physical pain, to nightmares or flashbacks about the event.

Scary or dangerous events can include things like car accidents, a serious health crisis, violence or natural disasters. But you may be suffering from a different kind of PTSD, which is the result of what is termed developmental trauma. This kind of trauma is the result of early experiences you had in relation to your parents or other important caregivers when you were a child. These experiences can include things like childhood abuse and neglect.

No matter what kind of trauma you’re suffering from, it can make you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, and can take all of the joy out of your life.

Trauma Is Extremely Common in Our Society

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A large body of research estimates that between 55-90% of the population has experienced one or more forms of trauma in their lives (CDC & Kaiser Permanente, 1995-2011; Harris & Fallot, 2009; Farro et al., 2011). Yet our society has been very slow to recognize the impact of traumatic experience on mental health.

Did you know that PTSD can masquerade as numerous other mental health conditions, such as anxiety, depression, panic disorder, various kinds of phobias and ADHD? Many times, the truth behind your symptoms may have gone unrecognized. You may have felt blamed for your behavior, or told that you’re lazy or have a flaw in your character—and that you should just “get over it.”

It’s important to know that you are not the problem. Your nervous system has simply been doing the best it can to manage the overwhelming amount of stress that it has not been able to discharge. Know that the symptoms you are struggling with are normal given what you’ve been through.

You Can Heal from Trauma and Find Joy in Your Life

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Thanks to the latest research into the mind-body connection over the past several decades, we now know that trauma recovery is possible.

When we start working together, I want to make sure we take time to build trust and an atmosphere of safety. It’s important that you feel accepted and understood, so we can establish a good therapeutic alliance for your healing. YOU are a unique individual and I want to see the world through your eyes. Very often emotional trauma occurs because we just don’t have the support of a caring person at the time of the event. That’s why it’s so important that you feel that now, to help you tackle the difficult work of resolving trauma.

I’ve been a practicing psychotherapist for over ten years. Helping clients successfully overcome their trauma has been some of the most satisfying work for me personally. You can get free from shame and distress and discover a life of fullness and satisfaction.

You may have questions or concerns about trauma therapy…

Will Trauma Therapy Be Re-traumatizing?

As a skilled trauma therapist, I focus on keeping your nervous system from being overwhelmed. We’ll work together, to discharge trapped energy gradually, so you’ll feel freer and more alive.

I help you stay in this optimal zone throughout the session by ensuring that you feel stable and resourced.

I Don’t Really Remember Much About the Awful Thing That Happened to Me. Can I Still Benefit from Trauma Therapy?

Yes, you can! You may only remember a small fragment of the terrible thing that happened. This is frequently the case with trauma survivors. When you are under extreme stress, parts of your brain go offline, and this can affect your brain’s ability to record memories. But a lack of memory is not an obstacle to effective PTSD recovery. Since the work I do is grounded in the body, we work directly with your physical experience in the moment to gain an understanding of what is blocking you. This may never come to conscious awareness, but you can still find freedom and lasting resolution.

What’s the Point of Going Back and Talking About the Bad Things That Have Happened? I Just Want to Focus on the Future

I couldn’t agree more! The goal of trauma therapy is to get on with your life. I help you get in touch with your body’s natural instinct to heal and move past the trauma. Many times, clients just need to ‘thaw out’ so they can let go of old trapped energy and fears. Body-centered trauma therapy is a cutting-edge approach that acts much faster than old-fashioned talk therapy. Once the trauma is released, it’s gone for good. You don’t ever have to think about it again.

By the end of the sessions, you’ll feel more empowered, with a newfound sense of how to engage your life going forward. You’ll feel confident that you can make plans for the future knowing you’ll have the strength and resilience to face whatever challenges life brings.

I have a proven track record of helping individuals overcome psychological trauma by providing effective crisis counseling and support. I also have a deep understanding about the impact of childhood trauma on adulthood. Prior to becoming an adult therapist, I was a child therapist specializing in helping children and families coping with trauma. I was a founding member of the Therapist’s Guild of Blue Sky Bridge, Boulder’s Child and Family Advocacy Center, and was qualified by the District Court as an Expert in Play Therapy and Sexual Abuse. I also served as a mental health consultant to the Sex Assault Response Committee of Boulder County.

You Can Find Freedom from Trauma

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If you are suffering from trauma symptoms, it’s important not to get bogged down with indecision about moving forward and getting the help you need.

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